9 Tips to Prepare for Microsoft Azure Certification Exams

If you’re here, you’re probably looking for a couple tips to prepare for a Microsoft Azure certification exam. From artificial intelligence to cyber security- it’s a great move. Professionals with a Azure certification earn 15-20% more than uncertified professionals. Plus, recruiters actively search for Microsoft Azure certification on LinkedIn. So, when you pass any of the Azure exams, you can be sure you aren’t just collecting qualifications for the sake of it; you’re boosting your chances of a new job, a promotion, and a salary increase.

Azure Cloud Computing Certifications are in High Demand

Whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned professional switching to Azure, cloud computing offers some pretty incredible career opportunities. First, however, you need to have a handle on the materials and know how to apply your knowledge practically.

So, what steps should you take to boost your chances of success in a Microsoft certification exam? Here are a few tips to get going.

Tip #1: Pick The Right Certification Path For You

This is a crucial decision. You may already have a clear idea of which aspects of Azure get the grey matter fizzing, but if you don’t, pick a path that interests you. That way, the journey from fundamentals to associate, expert, and specialty will be a rewarding one. One of the best ways to do this is by browsing Microsoft Learn. You’ll get a good feel of what you can work towards right away, plus you will gain a sense of what you can look forward to as your career progresses.

Tip #2: Work Out What You Need To Know For The ExamMicrosoft Azure certification stamp overlaid on image of person studying on computer.

Sounds obvious, but this is where Microsoft Learn can help you get specific. First, carefully check out the descriptions of various Azure exams. Note down the skills you’ll be tested on and make sure you understand the objectives for each certification. The exams are as much about understanding how skills are applied as they are about bites of knowledge. So get familiar with how the relevant competencies apply specifically in a real-life scenario.

Tip #3: Check Out Available Azure Certification Study Resources

There are self-paced courses that will take you through the material, but you’re likely to have questions as you work through the modules. Also, it’s worth considering brushing up your skills with an instructor-led course.

Classroom sessions are available but not be easily accessible. So we’d recommend you consider an online instructor-led course, such as these Microsoft Azure courses. You will be taken through the Microsoft Official Curriculum by Microsoft Certified Trainers with these courses. You’ll also have the chance to ask questions, chat with instructors and peers, and do a bit of networking at the same time. And if you choose to train with SkillUp Online Professional Courses, you’ll get the added bonus of hands-on labs where you can test your knowledge in a practical setting.

Tip #4: Get Familiar with the Exam Format

Like many exams, Microsoft Azure certification exams have a particular format. So it’s worth becoming familiar with the types of questions they ask. It is also important to ensure you know what knowledge the Azure exams assume you already have. Here again, Microsoft Learn can support you with details regarding any prerequisites and resources they recommend.

Tip #5: Schedule Your Exam Now

Yes, you read that correctly. Nothing focuses the mind more than a deadline. Give yourself enough time to do the studying you need to do and book your exam.

Learner reading tips for Microsoft Azure Certifications and showing types of Microsoft Certifications


Tip #6: Do Practice Tests

This is one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the format of the Azure exams. And, of course, taking practice exams also tests your knowledge and enables you to work out where there are gaps. However, just as importantly, you learn how to pace yourself. You don’t want to run out of time and lose out on important marks on the day. With with both instructor-led and self-paced courses, you’ll get access to practice exams, as well as knowledge checks and other assessments. Practice makes perfect, as they say.

Tip #7: Get Some Hands-On Experience with Azure Certifications

We all learn differently, but nothing trains us as much as hands-on experience. If you’re already working in this domain, that’s great; take every opportunity you can to test out your newly acquired skills. However, if that’s not an option, getting your hands dirty with the labs SkillUp Online offers in courses are a good alternative. Not only will this improve your ability to pass the Azure certification exam, but the practical experience will make you more competent in your future job too.

Tip #8: Take NotesComposite image of Microsoft Azure course cards as shown on the SkillUp Online Website

Be prepared to take notes wherever you are. Whether attending training sessions, debating via online forums, watching videos, or doing tasks in your job, always carry a pencil and paper (or digital equivalent). In addition, we recommend you join some Microsoft Azure prep groups on Facebook, Quora, or other networking sites and take notes on your queries. The gathered snippets will come in very handy for last-minute preparation for the exams.

Tip #9: Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

This is probably the most important tip of all, so we’ve saved it till the end. With nothing ventured, nothing can be gained. So, by all means, take the preparation of your Azure exams seriously, but don’t avoid the exam just because you’re worried you won’t pass. If you do fail, you can take it again. And you’ll be a lot wiser the second time around.

Need To Pick Our Brains on an Azure Certification or Anything Else?

Not a problem. We’re here to guide and support you wherever your learning process takes you, from choosing a course, to enrollment, completing your training, and preparing for the Azure exams. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with SkillUp Online.


We’re rooting for you to succeed!


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