Leveraging an Azure Cloud Certification to Advance Your Career

In 2019, the need to upgrade IT infrastructure is expected to be the biggest driver of IT budget increases. Thanks to its cost-efficiency, ease of access, scalability, and security benefits, much of this budget increase will be allocated towards cloud migration and expansion projects.

This represents a massive opportunity for IT professionals who are ready for the challenge of equipping themselves with cloud computing and cloud management skills. Those who are able to validate their cloud prowess with certifications can reap benefits including more influence within their organization, career advancement opportunities, and a more comfortable salary.

To assist IT professionals in preparing for the future of computing, this article discusses the following sections:

  • The demand for cloud skills
  • The benefits of cloud certifications
  • Choosing the right certification provider


The demand for cloud skills

According to Spiceworks, 93% of organizations now use cloud-based services, and an IDC survey found that 70% of CIOs claim they have a cloud-first strategy. Yet, only 16% of organizations possess the talent needed to maintain their cloud environments. This constitutes a deep talent demand for cloud skills.

As organizations seek to address cybersecurity concerns, deliver uninterrupted service to end-users, and scale operations globally, mid and large-sized organizations are now allocating upwards of 20% of their IT budgets to cloud-based services. This suggests that the need for cloud expertise will only continue to grow over the coming years.


A decade from now, every business will be operating primarily from the cloud, making way for more flexible – yet more productive and efficient – ways of working. Hardware won’t be the problem, software will.”

Matt Riley – CEO & Co-Founder of Swiftype


The Benefits of Getting Certified

By validating your knowledge with cloud-related certifications, you can position yourself as a sought-after expert for roles such as cloud developer, cloud administrator, cloud architect, DevOps lead, security analyst, and more.

With an ongoing talent shortage, those with the right qualifications will not only have more opportunities but will be in a position to lead as the inevitable march towards cloud computing continues. In support of this claim, the IDC study mentioned above found that professionals with more than 3 cloud-related certifications had 5.5 times more influence during cloud deployments than their counterparts who did not. Even possessing one cloud-related certification resulted in 35% more influence during cloud deployments projects.  

In addition, the study found that cloud certifications correlated not only with more influence in cloud management, but more decision making power across an organization’s IT needs, including non-cloud initiatives.

Choosing the right Certification Provider

While there are a handful of reputable cloud certification providers including Google, IBM, and AWS, Microsoft is emerging as an industry leader with its (Azure certification tracks)[link back to New Azure Certifications article].

Although all certifications will provide a knowledge base and foundational cloud skills, your certification will be most useful if it is based on the technology your organization currently uses or is likely to use in the future.

According to Microsoft statistics, the company is already serving 60 million commercial customers and 1,000 new customers sign up to Azure every day. In addition, more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft cloud services, with Azure continuing to grow at a rate double that of AWS, its closest competitor. With these facts in mind, gaining Azure specific cloud skills is a safe bet for those interested in a cloud-related career with abundant growth opportunities.

What’s more, nearly one-fourth of Microsoft certified IT professionals receive a 20% pay bump after becoming certified.

Reach for the Stars With Cloud Skills

With cloud-based technologies revolutionizing IT management practices in nearly every industry, now is the time to secure your professional future with the right skills and qualifications. A cloud certification from a globally trusted IT service provider like Microsoft can help you to not only achieve the influence to drive the adoption and use of cutting-edge technologies at your organization but more importantly, the power to take charge of your career. What are you waiting for!?

To learn more about becoming Microsoft certified, check out the free Azure course offerings at dev.skillup.online.


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