The customer is a Tier 1 vendor on a multi-year journey to modernize and build a strong HR
systems foundation. The centerpiece of the project is a multi-phase global roll-out of a
SaaS-based HR solution (SuccessFactors Employee Central), deployed on Azure.

The project goal is to:

  • Create simple and intuitive experiences across the employee lifecycle;
  • Build globally consistent processes that enable locally relevant outcomes;
  • Enhance the compliance, privacy, and security of employee data.

Skill-Up is the training partner for the project, building modern learning materials that support
user readiness and buy-in, provide in-the-moment help with transactions and guidance for
local variations. The first phase of the project went live in Quarter 1, 2018.

Building consumable, engaging learning experiences

Our deliverables use mixed media (motion graphics, audio, video, demo, web content) to increase
learner engagement and chunk content into highly consumable ‘nuggets’.
Skill-Up built different flavors of learning assets to support different learning styles and audiences
across the organization including:

Promotional videos

‘Marketing’ style featuring key leaders as presenters, introducing program objectives and strategy.

Process overview videos

Engaging storytelling format using motion graphics and animation
to introduce each HR business process (e.g. hiring). Focus is on
what is changing; the impacts and benefits; and familiarizing users
with the interface/key screens.

Demo videos and Step by Step Guides (PDFs)

Providing a detailed walkthrough of system transactions using realistic scenarios and purpose-built data. Includes hints and
tips for completing fields and where to find further help and resources. Step by Step Guides mirror the demo videos, set-
ting out steps for learners who prefer print formats or are look- ing for a quick refresh.

Web content

Training assets were hosted on the company intranet. Pages were built to help users contextualize and locate training collateral and provide links to existing HR content e.g. Policies.

Using collaborative outreach as a win-win execution strategy

The team took a collaborative ‘outreach’ approach to developing materials, particularly those explaining detailed process changes to users.

SMEs and functional experts participated in short sessions to brainstorm and iterate in real time on Skill-Up’s detailed drafts. We used a con-centric circle review approach: starting with a smaller group of stakeholders and then expanding to a broader group with each iteration to cut down on stakeholder effort required. This reduced the amount of time a stakeholder spent per process to approximately 2 hours – including attending sessions and reviewing the scripts in real time.

Along with finalizing scripts, Skill-Up rapidly developed working prototypes, then iterated on video versions as more insights became avail-able. The advantage of this ‘growth-hacking’ approach was that every asset draft became a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which could be used at customer site visits or community meetings to build user knowledge and buy-in. It also meant more meaningful stakeholder feed-
back at each development stage.

Our assets were used to help deliver face-to-face instructor led training sessions. Post-implementation, assets are surfaced via the tool’s Search bar or can be accessed directly via the intranet.