Hero image of happy learner getting tips for passing Microsoft Azure certification exam.

9 Tips to Prepare for Microsoft Azure Certification Exams

If you're here, you're probably looking for a couple tips to prepare for a Microsoft Azure certification exam. From artificial intelligence to cyber security- it's a great move. Professionals with a A
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5 Valuable IT Certifications for a Career in the Finance Industry

If you’ve been looking for IT jobs in the finance industry, you might have come across finance professionals who have acronyms next to their names. John Smith CPA, Jane Doe CFA, Fred Bloggs CFP, etc
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It security skills

Learn These 3 Vital IT Skills to Keep Security Threats at Bay

If you want a career in IT, one of the first things you’ll need to figure out is what you want to focus on. Saying that you want a career in IT is like saying you would like food for dinner. It’s
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8 skills for a digital transformation job

Land a Digital Transformation Job with These 8 IT Skills

The world has gone digital and companies have no choice but to follow. This was true before the pandemic, but it’s even truer today. A 2020 IDG survey showed that a CEO’s top priority for IT was d
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Reskilling and Upskilling

What’s the Difference Between Reskilling or Upskilling and Why Does It Matter?

When we leave school and enter the workforce, we move from an environment where learning is encouraged to an environment where it’s not. Suddenly, we’re thrust into the wild world of adult life, w
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Soft Skills to Advance Your Career

7 Valuable Soft Skills to Advance Your IT Career

An IT career is a stable and growing one. In times of economic uncertainty, that’s not a given for a lot of jobs. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects computer and IT occupations to no
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Why AI Education is Key to India’s Leadership in the Technology Space

Artificial intelligence allows computers - including machines and robots - to perform work that previously required human input. That work can be simple, such as processing and categorizing data for b
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Career in IT

5 Skills You’ll Need for an IT Career in 2021 and Beyond

Companies have a problem. They’re struggling to find people who have the right skills to fill the many permanent roles they have available for a career in IT. Harvey Nash and KPMG’s 2020 CIO surve
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Future of Jobs Report

The Future of Jobs Report: A Breakdown for the IT Professionals of Tomorrow

Every two years, the World Economic Forum publishes a report called The Future of Jobs. In the report, the WEF talks about the labor market and what the future of work will look like for both employer
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Healthcare IT

Certifications You Need for a Career in Healthcare IT

Innovation in healthcare continues to grow at a rapid pace creating a high demand for IT professionals who are tasked to implement and support new technologies. This means there’s no better time to
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image of a person holding a certificate

IBM Professional Certificates: What You Need to Know Before Getting Started

If you want to pursue a career in IT, IBM professional certificates are the way to go. As a global technology leader, IBM offers a robust portfolio of products and services ranging from AI to IoT. Alt
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Person at desk in front of computer with images surrounding to represent remote workers

Top IT Skills Needed to Manage a Virtual Work Environment

The emergence of new technologies over time has continued to evolve the way the world does business. However, March of 2020 may have created the single biggest change to how organizations operate due
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