Growth Mindset: Exploring the Most Important Career Skill You’ve Never Heard of

Ever since Carol Dweck first published her book on Growth Mindset in 2006, the focus on this topic has continued to grow. Today, it has become a trait that most employers are looking for in prospectiv
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Personalized Learner Experience is Raising the Education Game

Online training and the machine learning revolution Historically, our education system has developed to make life easier for educators and administrators. On the face of it, that brings significant b
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How to Assess Which Cybersecurity Course You Need

If you’re technically minded and enjoy a challenge, cybersecurity is a great career to consider. With digital transformation to the cloud spreading like wildfire and never-ending architectural innov
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How Do I Become a Cloud Architect Without a Degree?   

If you’re already working in the cloud arena, you’ll know it’s a fast-paced environment. Technology is constantly changing, new security challenges are appearing daily, and business demand for g
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Should I Choose a Career in AI or Data Science?

If you’re asking yourself whether a career in AI or Data Science is better, you have a lot to look forward to regardless of which route you take. Both AI and data science are booming, and individual
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Top Skills IT Employers are Looking for Over the Next Decade

IT recruitment has evolved in recent years. Gone are the days when a technical degree guaranteed an interview. With the development of recruitment software, and the realization that strong human skill
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What Do Cybersecurity Professionals Do?

Cybersecurity professionals are the "superheroes" of the digital world. They may not wear a cape, but their expertise is a super power that prevents cybercriminals from disrupting organizations. Their
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How to Start Your AI Career

The future is AI driven. Now, workers from a wide range of technical and non-technical backgrounds are exploring artificial intelligence as a practical career choice. For some, that means starting fro
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4 Tips for Leading Remote Teams

While remote team management is not a new concept, world events and rapidly advancing technology are increasing the frequency of remote work. Across all industries and levels of enterprise, face-to-
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What is Deep Learning & How Do I Get Started

What is Deep Learning? In his popular 1930s and 40s science fiction series, Isaac Asimov coined the phrase “positronic brain”. His books imagined a world where robots used futuristic-sounding "po
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Cover image for '6 Reasons to Start a Career in IT now' blog post. Woman looking at internet connected device on color blocked background

6 Reasons to Start a Career in IoT Now

Imagine this not-too-distant scenario. You're driving home from the office; you have guests coming for dinner, but you had a last minute emergency and you're running late. You should be driving at bre
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How to Start a Career in Blockchain Hero

How to Start a Career in Blockchain

Blockchain is triggering an information-sharing revolution. Cryptocurrencies have brought it to the fore, of course, but as a technology it’s an attractive proposition for many industries. How we ve
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